Fire Extinguisher Refill


From time to time, you may use your fire extinguishers either in a fire situation or tampered and accidentally discharged. Refilling is required to be carried out in accordance with current British Standards either using manufacture refills or a verified alternative.

Extended Service.

All extinguishers with the exception of Co2 are required to be discharge tested every 5 years from commissioning or last extended service date. This involves fully discharging the fire extinguisher and its contents. Checking the operation, Internal examination of the body, valve assembly, dip tube parts and replacing head cap washers. If all parts are in correct working order, we are now able to proceed and reassemble, refill with fresh contents and repressurise the fire extinguisher. This now has extended the extinguisher for a further 5 years.

Advanced Fire Protection (Rochdale) Ltd will try to refill all manufactures but if it is not possible to obtain the correct parts, replacing the extinguisher maybe the best option. We offer very competitive prices on all new equipment. Our preferred manufacture is Thomas Glover (Chubb). We are unable to extend dry powder extinguishers onsite and the best option is to replace.

Verified Alternative AFFF Extinguishers

When the new standard BS5306:9:2015 was introduced it allowed us to use a verified alternative. With the number of different manufactures, it is impossible for technicians to carry each original manufacture refill. The verified alternative means the manufacture has stated the performance rating of his media when used in a same size extinguisher should meet or exceed the performance stated on the extinguisher.

Verified labelling

Technicians who use a verified alternative are required to attach a separate label to the main service label. The required details are to be recorded, refill manufacture, unique product code, technician initials or number and date. These details are to assist you have full information either for medical reasons or to help you ensure the media does not conflict with any substances or precious items in your premises. Our labels are custom designed by ourselves.

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