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Modern living means we are using more and more electrical appliances in the home. We can have more electrical items in our homes than in a small business office.

With demand for the latest gadgets at an all time high, the risk of electrical fires in the home is much higher than before.

Over the last few years you may have heard or read about tumble dryers, mobile phones, chargers, plug in air fresheners and recently fridge freezers catching fire. Major manufacturers with household names have issued urgent recalls.

*You should always vacate the property as fast as you can after discovering a fire and alert the emergency services. Only tackle a fire if you feel confident enough and trained. Fire extinguishers are meant for small fires and to aid your escape never re-enter a property until advised it is safe to do so.


Test your alarms regularly, if it doesn’t work get the battery replaced.

Are your goods affected? Click the Which? logo to find out.

Yes just like your Fake high street brands etc there are Fake Fire Blankets, generally being sold online for just a few quid. These are seriously dangerous and claim they meet all safety testing standards, but are in fact putting you at risk.
We only supply tested fire blankets which display the BSI kitemark of approval.

Matt Allwright investigates fake fire blankets whose safety claims go up in smoke – BBC Fake Britain

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