Why Is Servicing Important

Annual fire extinguisher servicing is a legal requirement under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. It states all equipment is subject to a suitable system of maintenance and maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair. Part 2 Fire Safety Duties Articles 13 & 17

A fire extinguisher technician will carry out annual maintenance in accordance with BS5306-3-2017 and BS5306-8-2012. This involves replacement of all small parts, tamper tags, hose/horns O’rings, pressure gauge testing and damage assessment. They will assess any potential fire hazards which may require further coverage and the correct signage is in place. 

You should always check a technicians training certificate before allowing servicing to commence.

Businesses have a specific duty of care for fire safety to those who use or visit their premises and fire extinguishers represent an essential first line of defence against the risks posed by fire.

Fire extinguishers are generally positioned on exit routes or areas with a specific fire hazard. Many do not consider the fact that an individual may need an extinguisher to aid their escape in the event of a fire, with comments such as ‘if there’s a fire I will just run’ being very common, but few consider that they may not be able to ‘just run’. If your only escape is the door in front of you, the aid of a fire extinguisher is certainly an important piece of equipment to tackle the fire and help aid your escape.

According to a recent survey by the Fire Industry Association (FIA) has highlighted, portable fire extinguishers have an even more vital role to play as a first aid response to fire, with 88 percent of fires that are tackled with portable fire extinguishers actually being extinguished.

This is an increase on the figure from a similar survey conducted back in 2003, which identified that in 80 percent of fires where the correct extinguishers used, the fires were successfully extinguished. This helped many businesses carry on trading with minimum down time and damage.

For most people fire extinguishers are invisible red cans on walls, never looked at, rarely considered and often used as door stops.


The responsible person must carry out their own monthly visual inspections, to ensure all the fire extinguishers are in good working order and correctly positioned, any issues should be recorded into a fire logbook.

Contact the service provider to rectify safety issues.

The guide below shows some of the components of fire extinguishers. Routine servicing inspections are to be carried out in accordance to British Standards 5306-3-2017 at least once a year by a competent person.

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